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for Architects, Building Contractors, Hoteliers, Interior Designers, Merchants, Property Developers, Retailers, and Serviced Accommodation.

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We capture projects in stunning 4K/6K resolution, showcasing every detail of your build project from beginning to end.

With our breath-taking 4K and 6K capabilities, we provide stunningly detailed coverage of your project over an extended period of time, making time-lapse videos an exceptional marketing tool.


By compressing weeks, months, and even years of productivity into a short yet captivating visual presentation, we deliver the perfect content for your website and social media platforms.

Our services are fully customisable and adaptable to meet the evolving needs of your project. We collaborate with top-tier architects, developers, contractors, and venues to create mesmerising time-lapse videos that document the entire lifecycle of your project. Our pricing structure is simple and transparent, based solely on the number of cameras required and the duration of your project.


Are you looking to showcase your next project in stunning Ultra 4K/6K timelapse?


Transform extensive periods of development, spanning from days to even months, into a visually captivating spectacle that elevates the production value of your project's marketing through professional time-lapse techniques.


We offer a variety of solutions for your business and project, in stunning 4K and breath-taking 6K resolution. We ensure we capture every detail of your next project.


We process 1000s of images into a stunning video presentation, edited and optimisation by one of our in-house video editors, who are committed to delivering pixel perfect content.


We will ensure your video not only showcases your project but also reflects your brand by including your colour scheme, your logo, and with a clear call to action designed to motivate your target market.


To engage, inform and inspire your target market, we create bespoke animated  graphics to help communicate the key information and specifications of your property. 


To give your timelapse video it's own distinctive look and feel, it will be accompanied with a soundtrack that reflects not only the content, but also your business and  brand.

1 x Revision

Before we release the final video ready for your website and publishing across social media, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback so we can make those final tweaks to ensure it delivers for your business.


Our project timelapse videos comes with full usage rights with no restrictions, so there is no need to worry about any copyright issues.


Once your video is ready and has passed our quality control, you will receive a link via our online secure file share to download directly to your computer or mobile device.


We work with architects, contractors, developers, hoteliers, and venues  throughout the UK, delivering our popular timelapse videos for large and small projects nationwide.

2-weeks free*

We know projects can overrun and a little extra time is needed to do those finishing touches. *On our 4K/6K 9-month+ bookings, we offer a  FREE 14 days additional coverage.


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