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Why professional photography should feature in your event marketing strategy.

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Delivering a memorable event experience that showcases your business and brand, is a crucial part of a marketing strategy for most businesses, who are looking to maintain and increase their engagement, drive awareness, increase sales and encourage new business.

A professional and experienced event photographer is a great asset to any event and marketing team, looking to deliver key objectives and create a lasting legacy at their next event. As a highly skilled content creator, they should possess the ability and technical know-how, to read the flow of your event, identify key points of interest, the use of your brand, anticipate people's behaviour and interactions, so to position themselves discretely, to capture those memorable moments that encapsulates the 'feel' of your event to reflect your brand in the most engaging way.

Professional event photography plays an important role in helping businesses reach a wider audience as possible, whether that's through the national or local press, social media, company website, blog or printed marketing materials. Over the past 17 years ProfotoDesign has helped clients get their campaign messages out there, way beyond the confines of the venue's walls. We increase exposure to deliver a vastly greater ROI, making our event photo-marketing services truly cost-effective.


Professional event photography is a key component in the pre-event marketing process, offering a perfect insight into your event, business and brand, when looking to attract sponsors, venues, keynote speakers and other key stakeholders.

Usage: Pre-event launch web page, social media announcements and blog posts.

Event launch

Having professional photography enables you to bring your next event to life, allowing potential attendees to see for themselves what they can expect from previous events, helping to build excitement, anticipation and demand to drive ticket sales.

Usage: Launch email, press release, blog post, social media, PPC campaigns and other key announcements.


Professional event photography is not only a fantastic way to share valuable insights with the wider world, it's also a great way to encourage attendee interaction and engagement, it also delivers a great photo archive to share with attendees.

By allowing attendees to view and share with colleagues, family and friends, it turns attendees into amazing event ambassadors of your brand.

Usage: Online galleries for viewing and social sharing.


Stunning well executed photography is also a great way to keep the conversation going well after the event has packed up the chairs and switched off the lights. Accompanying regular email updates, information and knowledge share with the latest images, it helps establish lasting emotional link to your business and increases the likelihood of ongoing future engagement.

Usage: Web page updates, follow up emails, blog posts, social media and brochures.

In conclusion

Professional event photography truly is a fantastic cost-effective way to elevate your next event, to showcase your business and brand in a way that motivates and engages your target market.

Here at ProfotoDesign, we offer all-inclusive, multi award-winning event photography nationwide from only £270.

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