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Top 5 tips: How to increase your online sales and grow your business.

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Here at ProfotoDesign we understand online business' need to increase engagement with affordable high quality professional bright and clean product photography.

We are already working with a wide range of retailers, delivering the visual content they need to take their business forward and grow.

Working on location or from our Sussex based studio, our flexible and scalable service means we are able to partner our clients every step of the way.

Top 5 tips: How to increase your online sales

1. Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to success. Professional product photography should always be consistent, clean and realistic, this also helps to reduce your return rate.

2. Attention to detail

Always shoot in ultra high resolution to ensure you capture all the detail, allowing customers to truly see the quality of the materials used and its manufacture. We shoot at 32MP and edit in the latest pro editing software to offer unrivaled commercial quality.

3. Multiple shots

We recommend shooting 3-5 shots per product to offer a more informative experience for your customers and helps them buy with confidence. This can include multiple angles, close ups of your products USPs and lifestyle.

4. Visual continuity

Its important to keep lighting consistent across the range of your products, to ensure visual continuity. By removing unwanted distractions it helps your customer to focus on the product whilst offering a more professional presentation. That is why we use the latest in ultra daylight lighting technology to create a clean consistent natural look and feel.

5. Cost

Whilst we do not believe stunning product photography should be expensive. We do know that bad photography can be very costly to a business. Investing in professional product photography can offer a great ROI, it not only showcases your products but also your brand.

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