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Tips for Taking Attractive Staged Room Pictures with Contemporary Furniture

Staged Room Photography is an art in itself. So, it’s important that when it comes time to capture images of living spaces, the appropriate steps are followed. An image could be the difference between you achieving your goal or not doing so, whether the aim is to sell a property or renting it out.

Here are five actions we take to assure attractive staged room pictures for spaces that feature contemporary furniture:

1. Rearranging the Furniture/ Organising the Room

For the end result to be extraordinary, the room needs to be organised.

Therefore, before capturing the image, we make sure that the room is exactly how you want it to look. Keep in mind that we are trying to sell a vision. So, we make sure that we are capturing that vision through our photography.

For example, when capturing images of a guest room, it is made sure that the coffee table is adjusted; that the bedding is neatly presented; and that the towels are beautifully hung on the racks.

In reality, no interested party will want a messy/disorganised room and hence, the property. So, we try to give off a great first impression when taking the photos.

2. Beautiful Lighting

Any good photographer knows the importance of great lighting.

If a room is poorly lit, it could look dull or unappealing to interested parties. So, we take time to ensure that the room is beautifully lit with a combination of natural and artificial lighting.

One important note with lighting is that when shooting an image facing the window, we edit out the reflection/shadow that’s created afterwards. Also, if the image is overexposed, we try changing the aperture setting. Making these small tweaks make a huge difference at the end of the day.

3. Considering the Angles

When you have contemporary furniture, you want to show it off as best as you can. This is why, angles are so important.

By using a combination of a tripod and handheld photography, we are able to capture a variety of different angles that show off the area nicely.

A step to undertake once the lighting is exactly how you want it, the angle will determine how big the room looks. If there is an item of furniture that you want to show off in particular, we try a lower angle to capture it in all of its glory. Our services are tailored to your needs.

4. Thinking about the Lens

Each space has its own challenges. However, wide angle shots are extra tricky. If you want to capture an image of a large, open space, we use a wide-angle lens.

Showing as much as you want in one frame proves to be invaluable for those wanting to take extraordinary images of the staged rooms.

5. Favouring High Resolution

Although they take longer to export, high-resolution images are perfect for those wanting to take attractive staged room pictures.

Images with a high resolution will be more sharp, clear and high-quality, showcasing your beautiful interior/exterior along with your furniture in the best possible way. To achieve the perfect results, we have the right quality cameras.

To learn more or book our professional photography services, please get in touch.

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