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Standing Out on LinkedIn - A Disruptive Take

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Showcasing your work and demonstrating your services through images has an optimised impact on creating business-interest.

We live in a digital world, propagating an attention-shortage. In a world where social media is pumping out so much information, it is a bigger challenge than ever to stand out.

So, it is sensible to focus on a platform and build from there.

In this article, we will focus on LinkedIn. Simply, this is because LinkedIn is the most used platform when it comes to business networking and career development.

Headshot Photography

The importance of a headshot for LinkedIn is self-evident. A nice headshot is usually the first thing a profile visitor will see. So, this is your chance to make a good first impression.

Here, we discourage selfies and 100% advocate a professional headshot to sell your personality.

In short, a good photographer is able to capture your personality and resonate your personal branding through your profile picture. This can be influenced by the lighting, mood settings, expressions or even giving guidance on clothing. Every little bit makes a difference.

Our Experience

Michael Wheeler, the founder of ProfotoDesign, has over 12,000 LinkedIn connections and has seen enough profiles to know what works and what shouldn’t be tried at home.

In an environment where personal branding has taken off massively in the last decade, if you are looking for further marketing tips on social media, read our article here.

In our experience, it is important to have a clear strategy on who you are looking to connect with.

This allows you to work towards the best tone to form an initial rapport. For instance, traditional accountants are expected to wear striped suits. However, new and digital lead accountancy firms have a different persona.

Therefore, instead of just following what is expected, ask yourself - Who is your ideal connection? And, then try matching your ideal client. Similarly, the property sector is another industry seen to be traditional.

However, we have seen an increasing number of property investors going digital to secure deals. And, what's more, the digital-led property investors are doing it really well. If you’re looking to increase your property business and looking for social media engagement tips then read here.

This article was made possible by the support of Airhorse; Airbnb property management company; & the digital services of Marketing Voice.

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