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PR Photography London - Let’s Up your Game

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Public Relations (PR) is a simple, yet complex phenomenon. The art of providing an image - unspoken yet conveyed through sensible effort - that portrays what an organisation stands for to the public. PR is simple because you know what you want.

PR is difficult because you don’t know how to do it in a linear fashion. Probably because there is no linear fashion in the PR game.

In a way, we have taken a step back from the problem of communicating a PR message - a problem in a materialistic sense - an almost mathematical puzzle where you need to put all your strings together.

Specifying PR Channels

Here comes the tricky bit. You know what you and your organisation stand for - what is the message you want to convey - what science of association you want to project in your customers - but, what are the available channels of doing so? If there was one answer to this question, you won’t be reading this article right now - you will simply be doing that one thing. But, you need a multidimensional angle of viewing the problem.

The Science of Visuals

Scientists have made our life easy - in the sense of defining what humans prefer. (We are assuming your customers are human. Please give us a heads up if your target is a different species. We need to do some planning beforehand). Psychologists conclude that humans are aesthetic beings, preferring information in a visual manner.

This visualisation of humans is well understood at this point and followed by big brands. That is why Google is suggesting websites to convert information into schemas with related imagery and include info-graphics on web pages. It is the same reason why YouTube is now the second biggest search engine. The trends speak for themselves and are not showing any signs of slowing down.

How Can We Help

This is where we come in. We understand the role of the chain of events that leads to presenting information visually. As of 2018, we have 15 years of experience of doing so. We have clients ranging from Virgin to Siemens, and from Fielding Financial to Toshiba. We are not new to the PR photography London game - we are the market leaders.

Saying all this, we are here to help you through our PR photography London service. Get in touch to give a boost to your PR campaigns today.

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