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Monday Marketing Motivation - Grow your property business through increased online engagement.

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Having some great project wins under your belt is an exciting time. You have found your feet and now looking to hit your stride, and naturally attention turns to growing the business on the back of these successes.

For our architect and property developer clients, typically things are starting to take shape, the team (however small) is performing well, contractors in place, client feedback is good, and revenues are starting to rise. Happy days! But finding that next project and securing the investment you need remains a stubborn challenge.

You may have the best product and business in the world, but fundamentally if no one knows about it, you will forever be the best business that no one discovered. This is where social-marketing plays a pivotal role in helping businesses reach a wider audience, increasing customer / investor awareness and engagement in your brand.

Two easy marketing wins for your business this week.

1. Build. Promote. Repeat.

By seeing every project, new relationship, business development and win, past present and future as a valuable marketing opportunity, it enables you to harvest engaging content that showcases your business at its best. Allowing you to create an ongoing dialogue with your target demographic through your website, blog and social media channels, delivering a greater ROI.

2. Leverage expertise

We know to grow your business requires more time spent working ‘on’ the business and less time ‘in’ the business. By partnering with a content creating marketers with social media expertise, it is a cost-effective way to free up valuable time to concentrate upon your core competencies in-house, whilst standardising your marketing and becoming more strategic and effective.

From our London and Mid-Sussex offices, we help clients to secure more acquisitions, to attract investment and grow their business and brand. By increasing engagement and reaching a wider audience online across our multi award-winning photo/video-marketing and social media services.

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