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How to Sell Property more Quickly within a Buyers’ Market.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

With the ongoing housing crisis where demand outstrips supply, it’s easy to think its a sellers’ market.

But think of it like this, with demand prices rise, and with the current political and economic uncertainties, many potential buyers are opting to sit on their cash and where they currently are to see what happens next.

Here at ProfotoDesign Property Marketing, we’ve seen a significant shift in emphasis from our architect and developer clients, as they know in order to get people through the doors, into their future dream home, more has to be done to encourage and inspire them to take that next step by making their proposition feel more bespoke and within reach.

By understanding that buying or renting for most people is an emotional purchase, stunning professional property photography, 3D virtual tours and drone cinematography, goes a long way to;

...address the specific needs of the buyer, in a way that facilitates their ambitions and desired lifestyle.

By understanding the buyer’s persona, you can I dentify their specific needs, to ensure you showcase a property and it’s features in a way that directly highlights the benefits to the buyer, whether it’s open communal spaces, luxury fixtures and fittings, location or it’s connectivity.

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