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How to achieve the best market value for your property in difficult market conditions.

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

These have certainly been challenging times for everyone, and now with vaccines coming online to help fightback against Covid-19, we can start to allow ourselves to think about a life after lockdowns and restrictions (eventually). After significant impact on the property market, there are signs that a recovery is underway as optimism begins to return.

For those who currently have their property on the market, or those thinking of selling, it’s now more important than ever to think about what is the right approach to get the best possible outcome for you.

Estate agents play a vital role in the sale of a property or development, with their knowledge of the local market, and their ability to close the deal. But one thing agents are not, they are not professional property marketers. With restrictions on movement still in place for large parts of the country, sellers are choosing to adopt a more hands on approach by advertising their own properties online.

One of the questions we get asked by homeowners and developers is; should we use our local agent to do our property photo marketing? Well this really depends upon how you want to approach the sale of your property. If you are wanting a one-stop-shop solution to your marketing, that's convenient, and comes 'all-inclusive' in the agent fee, then yes this is something you could consider.

But is it the best solution for you and your business? In our experience probably not, as there are some potential pitfalls to be aware of and to avoid. A lot of agencies who offer a 'marketing' service, it is simply seen as another source of revenue that helps maximise the profitability of their service with very little outlay. By charging a one off fee, and using someone in their own team with a camera or even an iPhone, or sourcing a cheap photographer for as little as £50, it's questionable how much value and expertise they are bringing to the sale of your property.

At a recent virtual property networking event, we met an ambitious and driven developer who was struggling to sell a lovely 3 bed apartment in a good part of town seemingly ideal for young professionals. He explained the agent had suggested to lower the asking price due to the local market being sluggish, something he had resisted due to his investment in the project. Doing a quick search online, we could see the current asking price was clearly achievable so we were interested to see how the property was being marketed.

Looking through his online listing on Rightmove to see how best to advise. It was evident straightaway the property's marketing did not meet the needs or expectations of it's target market, with poorly executed photography that did not showcase the property's true potential, and the accompanying copy was too generic, and uninspiring to motivate any potential buyer.

It is important to remember; a poorly presented property typically stays on the market and ultimately does not achieve its true market value. Put another way, its money lost simply due to a lack of interest and demand.

Take control of your sale, business and brand is the best advice we can give. Remember it is your property, your investment and ultimately it's will be your return. How big that return is, will depend upon how much value you place upon your investment and time on the project.

By bringing the best possible talent together with clearly defined objectives; your property marketer to professionally market your property with high-end property photography, promotional video, drone cinematography to showcase the location and the surrounding area, and 3D virtual tours that allow buyers to explore your property from the comfort of their own home. Together with an experienced estate agent to professionally represent your property and ultimately close the deal, this will greatly increase the chances of your property selling faster and achieving its true market value. It really is as simple as that.

A qualified professional property photo / video marketer, is a highly skilled practitioner who can bring a wealth of experience and expertise to deliver the very best results for you and your business. Throughout the process, from capture to pixel perfect post-production, workflow and delivery, a professional photo / video marketer is an essential hire when marketing your property. Their sole purpose is to increase engagement, help you reach a wider audience of potential buyers as possible and drive demand, and to provide your agent with the professional marketing content they'll need to ensure your property outshines your competition.

It's important to remember; trying to save a few hundred pounds by opting for an off-the-shelf solution when marketing your property is a false economy, as it can potentially cost you thousands when your property sells below it's true market value.

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