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How do you create a lasting legacy for your next event and maximise your ROI?

Here at ProfotoDesign, over the past 15 years, we have photographed and filmed highlight videos for a variety of events for many businesses and brands. As the associated cost of hosting an event continuously rise, it has become even more important to our clients to ensure they achieve the best possible return on their investment.

We have seen a noticeable increase in the demand for our affordable event photographic and video production services, as clients seek to create what we call an 'online legacy' for their events. This enables clients to communicate not only to those who attended the event on the day, but also ensures key information, their brand, the excitement and the fun, reaches a much wider audience unlimited by the capacity of a venue space.

We believe professional event photography and video production does not have to be expensive ...just effective. We help increase business, brand and event awareness, to help generate increased engagement and drive footfall to your website via social media.

See how we are working with business to market their events more effectively:

Event Photography:

Video Production:

We Partner. We Create. We Deliver.

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