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Event Marketing Trends for 2019 : Creating a Legacy and the Importance of Proving ROI.

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Despite the ongoing political and economic uncertainties, the value of holding events continues to be a major part of companies overall marketing strategy. Delivering an amazing 'in-person' event offers its attendees a more memorable experience in what is now increasingly a digitally dominated marketing world.

Despite increasing pressures on budgets, a recent survey carried out by Bizzabo discovered that "80% of over-performing businesses planned to increase their event budgets the following year."

They also found that; "The majority of company leaders are supportive of their company’s event strategies, but this support is contingent on the ability of event teams to prove ROI. The majority (84%) of leadership believe in-person events are a critical component of their company’s success."

Understanding this need to prove ROI, here at ProfotoDesign we've seen a greater emphasis from our clients to create a lasting ongoing legacy for their events. Across our event photo-marketing and event video production services, our clients seek to reach a wider audience through their website and across their social media.

Tools like google analytics and even social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer detailed insights into the performance of the content you publish, providing a convenient way to quantify the value of their marketing with tangible data to justify the spend.

So as we navigate the challenges ahead with such economic uncertainties, it seems the event industry is keeping calm and carrying on. Clients tell us they still consider events to be the single most effective marketing channel for their business, and whilst many have increased their marketing spend, it's great to see clients now regard their events as a launchpad of an ongoing marketing legacy online. Delivering increased exposure, engagement and a greater ROI.

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