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Embracing Technology in Photography - A Customer-centric Futuristic Perspective

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

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The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics was shared between three people. Charles Kuen Kao for his research on transmission of light in fibres for optical communication. And, Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith for the CCD circuit - in layman's terms, for the technology that made digital photography possible.

The story of the development of the digital camera is quite interesting. Boyle and Smith were working at the Bell Labs in 1969 when they were informed that their funding will be cut down unless they progress in their project.

An hour later, they had invented the basis for digital photography. (If only we all worked so well under pressure). It took the Nobel committee 40 years to realise the impact of Digital Photography, but the social impact was always visible. This impact of digital photography has now sprung beyond the visible realms.

Technology in photography in general, has changed the face of business and organisations forever. But, the need for embracing technology in photography cannot be halted ever for the future.

The Kodak Story - The Inverse of Technology in Photography

Any discussion over technology in photography is incomplete without a reference to the Kodak story. World leader in photographic technology at one point, Kodak does not exist today with the same firepower.

In retrospect, Kodak’s failure to assimilate technology into its business is a case of a missed opportunity. Kodak had the technology and the understanding of digital photography, they just decided not to implement it. Why? Simply, shortsightedness in terms of film sales. And that is the point we want to make. Kodak had a decade to prepare for the change and it did not.

And, we see such stories all around us. Whether it is IBM that had a conservative opinion on computer sales before the arrival of Microsoft, or Radioshack which has gone bankrupt twice now - companies keep failing to move forward with the market.

There is a simpler way of looking at technology in photography. You need to keep an eye on user experience and the direction taken by the market.

The User Experience Perspective of Technology in Photography

With the societal changes at all levels, thanks to technology, the user expectations have evolved too. Keeping up with technology is a given, but the main skill lies in reading the market and preparing for it beforehand.

For instance, is VR the future of user experience? Will customers be able to experience a location virtually before physically going there? Will companies offer customers the chance to see their products in a 3D environment before having to make a purchase decision?

Quality visuals have been the foundation of giving customers the purchasing power for ages. But, the modes of purchasing power are going through an era of immense change.

At ProfotoDesign, this is exactly what we have been doing. Producing digital content for our partners that uses the most up to date technology, as a given, while staying ahead of the market by understanding customer-needs. We partner. We create. We deliver.

To discuss your business needs in digital content production, please feel free to get in touch.

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