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How to build an event brand that increases attendance.

To create and deliver a successful event it must have a coherent event brand. This can be an extension of your actual business brand, or an entirely new brand that encapsulates your business’ values.

Developing a distinctive brand for your next event, it should encompass your event’s purpose, address a specific need and appeal to your chosen demographic.

Your event’s brand is not just a logo. Ronnie Higgins from Eventbrite, describes event branding in his recent article as “a collection of elements,” it’s;

your brand + a little twist = your event brand.

The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) is a fantastic example of this. The ICR is one of our top clients with a relationship going back for more than a decade. Throughout this time, the ICR has developed a strong industry leading brand and established a series of well-respected events as part of their The Discovery Club event brand.

Its purpose: to showcase the outstanding clinical work the ICR does, developing the discoveries needed to defeat cancer. Its need: to raise awareness of the importance of this work and the need for ongoing funding to make this work possible. Its appeal: to existing and new philanthropists by highlighting the vital role they can play in supporting future discoveries.

The ICR's The Discovery Club is all about their amazing discoveries. A growing number of supporters attend quarterly events, to learn more about the work the ICR is doing, through insight and discussions, designed to inspire and engage, by sharing knowledge, delivery of multi-media presentations and social networking over a refreshing beverage.

The events also create the perfect platform for the ICR to pass on their sincere gratitude for the ongoing support they receive and to help establish valued long-lasting relationships.

By developing your event’s own brand, it allows you to generate engagement prior to the event, which is crucial for strong attendance. Your brand enables you to optimise your event communication across a range of channels, including its very own dedicated web pages, featuring inspiring copy about key topics, visual content to enhance interest and engagement and offer other valuable insights like introducing key stakeholders.

Over the past 17 years, ProfotoEvent Marketing has partnered many businesses and brands, including working with the ICR and The Discovery Club, to deliver both award-winning event photography and video-marketing content, providing valuable insight and exposure.

Having a strong coherent brand for your event, supported by engaging content, enables event marketers to reach a far wider audience through word-of-mouth or online via content sharing. In essence, your event brand is the total sum of everything your event is about, and forms part of your event's promise.

It is an opportunity to be bold and brave, to offer something different from other events, making your next event and call-to-action more memorable, by being relevant to your attendee's needs by adding real value. Whether that’s purely a need to have fun and be entertained, or satisfying their curiosity or desire for information and knowledge share.

Whatever your event, ensure your event’s brand and content is authentic, to create credibility and build trust, to ultimately increase engagement and drive footfall to your next event.

To find out how ProfotoEvent Marketing can support your event's brand, with award-winning event photography and event video production, visit us at

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