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National Campaign Videos // BTEC Works 2019

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

ProfotoDesign is delighted to have been commissioned over the past 3 years to create a wide range of promo videos for the national BTEC online campaigns.

Featuring highly skilled and knowledgeable BTEC alumni, we travel throughout the UK documenting and interviewing students and professionals who have benefited from choosing a BTEC qualification. We seek to provide a unique insight into how their BTEC played a pivotal role that have lead to some amazing life opportunities and careers.

Whilst many opt for a more traditional college or degree route into the workplaces, we showcase the quality, depth and range of BTEC qualifications that are now available. From Equestrian Management to Tourism, Construction and Space Engineering, we tell the stories of remarkable individuals, showcasing their hard work and dedication.

We also show how teachers bring together a blended technical and practical learning approach, with hands-on experience, self directed study and classroom work, to deliver truly industry and university ready graduates for the future.

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