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5 Marketing Basics For Your Hotel

Hoteliers face lots of competition to win and retain customers.

With the rise of Airbnb and other similar websites and hotel closures on the rise due to COVID-19, it’s an even steeper hill for them to climb to increase room occupancy. However, hard-working hoteliers can market their hotel without spending thousands by focussing on the very foundations their business is built upon.

Here are five ideas on how to entice customers to step through your door rather than that of your competitors:

1. Enhance Your Offer

Give potential guests a reason to stay with you.

For instance, compile an online guide to your area, listing the best local experiences for them to indulge in: wine tastings, walks, cycle rides, museum visits, and so on. And, simply, publish your guide on your website and social media and send it to existing customers to remind them about why they should revisit.

2. Your Staff

Apart from satisfied customers, your staff are your best ambassadors.

Post their 'insiders tips' on cool places to visit in the area on your website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. It’s a personalised way of drawing customers in and costs you nothing.

In short, profile your staff on your website and social sites. Here, you don’t have to write their life stories, just who they are, their job title and what they love about the area your hotel is in.

3. Your Online Presence

No one will book with your hotel if they can’t find you.

Look at your website copy and read Google’s starter guide to Search Engine Optimisation. Then put what you have learned into practice! Make it simple for customers to contact you via your social sites and ensure your website has your contact details someplace immediately visible.

Also, make every effort to ensure your response times are fast. If people have to wait, they’ll move on.

4. Imagery

Create a virtual tour of your hotel rooms, and post it using Instagram Stories and Facebook Live. Also, if your hotel has a restaurant, promote it with a video. Perhaps you could shoot a quick film of your head chef cooking their signature dish?

Here, if you have any money in your budget, invest in a professional photographer to update your website imagery. Then showcase these snaps on your social media sites and in email newsletters to customers.

5. Your Customers

Ask customers to leave testimonials on trusted review sites and your social media pages.

Then, post the most glowing testimonials on your website. On the subject of 'your customers', you need to know who your potential guests are: why are they visiting? Who are your guests? What do they need?

Similarly, find out their reasons for travel during check-in, or when they book so, you can gradually build a customer profile.

Not only will this help build a rapport with guests during their stay, but you can also use this info to refine your future marketing efforts.

Before We Go...

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by creating a hospitable and personalised experience for every guest. Your marketing doesn’t have to cost the earth if you take a meaningful and straightforward approach. Good luck!

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