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3 top tips how to showcase your next event with video-marketing.

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Video-marketing has firmly established itself as a vital part of the marketing mix, helping businesses to increase engagement, reach a wider audience whilst achieving a greater ROI.

Over the past 5 years we have seen a massive increase in the demand for what we do, but some businesses whilst flirting with the idea of event video-marketing are playing catch up. Here are some quick tips on how video-marketing WILL transform your next event.

1. Capture the highlights

A well-crafted short branded highlight video, tailored for your social media and company website, provides an entertaining and informative insight of your event, brand and business. Its serves as a great reminder of a fantastic night for all those who attended, who will want to share with their colleagues, business contacts, family and friends. Whilst for those potential clients who were unable to attend, it showcases what they missed.

A highlight video provides a valuable brand touch-point and presents a great opportunity to engage with your audience with a clear call to action, to visit your website, follow you on social media or request more information about your business or services.

2. Go big on interviews

Your next event presents such an amazing opportunity to generate literally weeks and months worth of high quality marketing content that can be published online. By creating a marketing legacy, put simply, this is the best way to maximise the ROI of your event.

Creating short 'bite' size branded interviews of your keynote speakers, guests and team, you are able to offer powerful testimony about your event, creating a perfect opportunity to promote different USPs of your business whilst making your brand more open and personable. Lets be honest here, no one can say you are great at what you do better than happy guests and notable speakers!

3. Put the Mo Farah into your mo-mentum

To maximise the ROI of your next event, its all about maintaining the goodwill and interest generated towards your business by keeping the conversation going.

By remaining front and centre in the minds of your guests and of your wider audience, it means they are more likely to engage with your business going forward and want to be part of your success.

Releasing regular bespoke content across your social media, creating a valuable video resource archive on your website, will not only improve your site's SEO ranking, but also the content created can form part of future marketing campaigns. Working with businesses large and small, we consult with our clients to ensure we maximise the content we generate to squeeze out every last drop of marketing potential for your business.

To learn more about how we can deliver across our multi award-winning photography, video production and social media services please visit us at

Keep pushing forward, greatness awaits :)

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